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RMP is one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors in India. The vision of contributing towards achievement of self-sufficiency in the use of compressed air for industries in the country prompted the founding of RMP.
Making a modest beginning in the year 1979, RMP designed and manufactured air compressors primarily for the industrial sector.
The company then started the manufacture of Borewell Compressor Pumps to cater to the needs of the agricultural sector, and thus actively and effectively participated in the green revolution of the country. Today millions of such compressors are in use and form the backbone of agriculture in the country.                                                                                        Read More
Air Compressor Basemount Air Compressors Cylinder Air Compressors
Series are single stage, two cylinder Air Compressor from the rangeof 1HP to 10 HP Reciprocating air cooled, Oil splash lubrication,Belt driven type AirCompressor.
STH series are Single Stage three Cylinder Air Compressor Reciprocating air cooled, Oil splash lubrication, Belt driven type Air Compressor
RTC series are two stage three Cylinder Air Compressors from the range of 10-15 HP Reciprocating air cooled oil splash lubrication, belt driven type Sand blasted casting components with leak free design